To preserve their independence in order to better answer the customer’s needs, the founding member of the GDI allied in 1996 to form the Groupement des Dépositaires Indépendants.
The GDI quickly became a structured entity, lead by a central secretary who implemented the GDI key activities.
From the beginning, the GDI dynamism leads them to promote a distribution channel targeting small businesses, known as “SOS-Boissons”.
Those customers had a unique contact number and the possibility to order online.
In 2003, the grouping became a limited company.
In 2008, their needs lead to the construction of a central buying service.
In 2009, under the name GDI, the members joined forces with partners from all of Switzerland to found “Swiss Drink Logistic”, a national delivery service, to meet the needs of Key Account Customers.
The year 2010 saw the complete restructuring of the central secretariat’s internal organization.
The weight of the company and its organization allowed the GDI SA and all its members to enter the Markant organization. The membership is a further guarantee for the suppliers and confirms the company renown as the significant interlocutor in the beverage distribution business.
The company has now 10 members, who all play a part in the smooth running of the GDI and its activity in the independent beverage distribution in western Switzerland.